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The SS Hurricane Camille

Back in August of 1969, a storm named Camille came ashore on the gulf coast of Mississippi.  She had unbelievably strong winds, and a storm surge that was huge.  One of the most impressive if not horrifying sights was this tugboat that was washed ashore on the inland side of US Highway 90 in Gulfport, MS.  The boat sat in this position, which is where she was grounded, until a few years ago.  The lot where the boat had been is now just a vacant lot.

But this is a memory I have had of Hurricane Camille since 1969.  And probably always will.  You can read more about the SS Hurricane Camille here or here.

  1. Ennen
    September 4, 2011 at 4:43 pm

    I remember the boat, Craig. Where is it today?

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